Mumbai (Bombay)

Mumbai, is the commercial capital of India. It’s situated on the west coast, on the Arabian Sea. Therefore, we enjoy a Mediterranean climate mostly between 16-36 degrees Centigrade. India as you may be aware is a big country with diverse cultures and religion. Each state has its own language and a different script. So, to really know India, one would have to visit the whole country, which obviously is not possible in one visit. However, Mumbai is the best location for a foreign tourist. Mostly, everyone speaks English; the weather is great throughtout the year, however, winter being just right. There are beautiful monuments like the Gateway Of India, The Prince of Wales Museum, The Rajabhai Tower etc. In the heart of the city, the Marine Drive is a C shaped road of 4.30 kms along the ocean and offers a spectacular view. Please visit for detailed information.

Airport to your hotel

We shall be glad to receive you from the Airport. However, if you decide to come yourself, you can take a local taxi or one arranged from your hotel. Mumbai is a safe city.

Food and drinks

It is a cosmopolitan city, with people from all states of India and most countries of the world. Mumbai has restaurants of virtually all cuisines. It is definitely a gourmet’s delight. You can enjoy a hearty meal of the famous Indian Curry or a Cordon Bleu meal if you like. Wash it down with an Indian Beer (World Award Winner) or a Glass of Indian Wine (which is exported to many European countries and the USA).

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Whatever is your budget, there is a hotel in Mumbai. We suggest you stay in South Mumbai, which has most tourist spots, so you can mix work with pleasure.


Probably the safest place in India. You could walk in the middle of night without any worries. Whether you are in a taxi or a restaurant or the Hotel, you can be at ease. Obviously, like most places in the world you have to watch your belongings and there are certain locations you should not visit. Having said that, we personally have never had a bad experience.


There are local trains, buses and taxis. Taxis are inexpensive and the most convenient way of travel. Every Taxi has to have a compulsory Meter. Whether you travel at night or day, you will be safe in a Taxi.

Places close by

If you would like to take a holiday after a successful business trip, we suggest Goa. It is about 500 Kms from Mumbai (1 hour flight) and a beach lovers paradise.


Mumbai is mostly warm, tapering towards hot. The best time to visit is from December to February where the temperature is a moderate 16-27 Centrigrade. In the summer months from March to May, the mercury can go upto 40 C. From June to September, the monsoons make their presence felt. It could be raining non-stop for a week and the city can be at a stand still with half of it under a few feet of water. Or it could be a dry patch when the weather is hot and humid. October and November again is very hot with temperatures between 30-35 C. As such, whether you are on a business trip or on holiday, you can always do without a jacket throughout the year. You can visit the meteorological department at